Deltaic Edge

A strategic framework for Metropolisation Processes within Buenos Aires to enable the city’s embrace of its Deltaic Context

  • Consultation project for the Municipality of Buenos Aires I 2017
  • Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Collaborators: V. Nimax, A. Quezada, N. Moncrieff, J. Cyganski, A. Wiratama, Aikaterina Myserli
  • Advisors: Dr. Diego Sepulveda, Max Rohm
  • Status: Published in Atlantis design magazine in April 2018

Contemporary metropolisation processes and delta dynamics are not always in correlation with each other; in the case of Buenos Aires, this disconnection has led to a continuous territorial fragmentation of the city/river edge and phenomena of extreme contrasts and social polarisation between formal and informal conditions. Based on this facts, the proposal investigates a possible transition towards an inclusive and accessible urban water edge for Buenos Aires that strengthens the city’s relationship with the river and reintroduces deltaic processes into the urban condition.

The project proposes the strategic and structured appropriation of sedimentary processes to promote a system of new islands uniting the metropolitan edge with the foot of the Parana Delta. This gradual accretion of ecological habitat, bioremediation and flood defence islands on the water is mirrored by strategic development of new transport and social nodes within the city. On the metropolitan scale the selected overarching principles are to bring the deltaic condition back into the urban fabric both in terms of a physical edge condition, a reunion with the natural processes that are at work in the delta and as a thematic design driver for new centralities, added nodes and public spaces within the urban fabric. At the scale of the site (Puerto Nuevo), key existing and proposed buildings determine the scale and shape of the new urban form and set the foundations for future urbanisation of the area.

A vision for re-activating the city/river edge

Macro-scale strategy
Buenos Aires 2050+
Micro-scale design: Porto Nuevo 2050+




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