Re_Natured Economy [S, XS]

 Floating processing hubs/housing

  • TU Delft Graduation Thesis I Archiprix nomination 2018-19
  • October 2017- June 2018
  • Mentors: Dr. Taneha K. Bacchin, Dr. Diego Sepulveda
  • External advisors: Dr. Ross Exo Adams, Dr. Han Meyer
  • Status: Presented in the Sustainable Architecture 2018 Conference in Venice, May 2018 I Invited to be presented in the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management in 2019

As the proposed design framework envisages a radical landscape transformation, based on remediation and repurposding of agricultural land [macro-meso scales] it provides a new arsenal of new urban typologies that integrate in the surrounding context and take part in the evolution of circula metabolic flows, resource streams and natural capital.

In this context, the floating hubs function as the machines that regulates a sequence of interlinked processes: a. the processing lab releases or redirects waste flows -b. macroalgae in ponds absorbs the pollutants and then gets harvested in-situ from the centre -c. harvestable inputs are processed and transformed into nutrient flows for the ponds or other bio-products.The form of the building itself follows that of a machine; a piece of floating infrastructure –or another version of Constant’s New Babylon- in the middle of agricultural crops, connected with the existing infrastructure (roads, bike paths, pipelines). Additionally, as the Netherlands will suffer the severe consequences of climate change, the evolutionary perspective of the centre is reflected in its potential function as a pumping station in cases of water level rise or complete overflow in the treatment ponds and their surroundings. In the end, this new hubs/nature centres/processing facilties will engage the visitors in understanding the need for depollution, the transition from linear to circular models of production, the process of remediation and the way in which anthropogenic activities could intertwine harmoniously with ecosystems.

Reference: New Babylon, Constant Nieuwenhuys
Floating hub introduction
Exterior view
Algae processing facilities
Hub exploded

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