Vertical City

Re-imagining the Greek Polykatoikia

  • AUTh Core studio I 2015
  • Team: L. Kontozoglou, Aikaterina Myserli
  • Mentor: ir. Spiros Papadimitriou
  • Status: Invited to be presented in the international architecture conference “Transparency and Architecture-Emerging Complexities” in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in March 2016

The purpose of this design proposal is to examine the basic characteristics of the Greek Polykatoikia and to ascertain whether it can be transformed into a potential tool of change and renewal of architecture of the Greek cities. The chosen building has the typical structural body of the Greek block of flats but the outer skin is missing and is currently unused. The transformation of the building is based on a flexible surface which is folded and “cuts across’’ the existing structure in order to generate an inner atrium inside the building. The folded surface operates at the same time as the façade of the building which consists of a metal structure and three types of metal panels with different surface inclinations. The panels both in the façade and the indoor patio generate interesting alternations between full and void spaces and regulate luminosity and ventilation.

The polyphony of the given location is integrated in the building and a ‘‘vertical city’’ is created, with spaces that can function both during the day and night. Visitors are expected to enter the building as part of their everyday walk. An interesting vertical path allows the simultaneous perception of the inside and the outside of the building and is designed to lead to the various uses of the building -retail, offices and entertainment. The decision to create a mixed-use building comes in accordance with the uses encountered in the context and the proposal as a whole emboldens the gradual assimilation of private and public uses in the urban block.

Left: Figure-ground plan. Right: Facade mechanism development and south (front) elevation
Longitudinal section A-A’ & floor plans
Concept, view from the street and west elevation
Interior view and construction details





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