Research I Publications

Selected Conferences

S-Arch International Conference: Facing sea level rise I Venice, 25 – 28/05/2018
Renatured Economy: From pollutants to productive landscapes [publication pending]

4th International Conference in Transparency and Architecture: Emerging Complexities I Thessaloniki, 04 – 08/11/2016
With L. Kontozoglou: Transparent Interactions : Reimagining the Greek Polykatoikia [publication pending]

2nd International Multidisciplinary Congress: Utopia(s) Worlds and Frontiers of the Imaginary I Lisbon, 21 – 23/10/2016
Island societies and architectural imagination: From Deleuze’s desert island to Plato’s Atlantis and More’s Utopia I ISBN: 978-1-138-19748-0

International Congress of Architecture 2016: Human and Space I Istanbul, 05/05/2016
Traces Of Death: A floating cemetery in the Evros Delta I ISBN: 978-975-6760-86-4

CPUD ’16 / International City Planning and Urban Design Conference I Istanbul, 08-09/04/2016
With A. Athiana & K. Varvatou: From orchards to community gardens I ISBN: 978-605-9207-21-8